B&K 4-ever

"Narcissus so himself forsook, and died to kiss his shadow in his brook"
- From Venus and Adonis by William Shakespeare

B&K 4-ever is based on the true story of two serial killers; Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka from Toronto, Canada.
On the outside Paul and Karla seemed like the perfect couple. Three months after they met, they began a series of brutal assaults.
The couple videotaped themselves sexually assaulting their victims. Later on, those tapes would play an important role in their prosecution.
Up to this day Bernardo insists he never killed anyone.

In B&K 4-ever, the human instinct and the desire for cruelty are examined. The focus lies on the mechanisms of pleasure and lust that are connected with experiencing and inflicting pain and on the power relationships that come about. Øystein Johansen explores in this performance the power games between the people involved in these gruesome acts: Paul, Karla and the victim. How can someone gain control over someone else and what happens when the search for power becomes overpowering?  

The script is inspired by William Shakespeare’s Venus and Adonis

Director: Øystein S. Johansen Performers: Tessa Friedrich and Marius Mensink

Dramaturgy: Jonas Rutgeerts Costumes: Teunis Ruiten Technics: Wout Jansen Graphic design: Romy Brand, Boyd Koers (Vormlust) Production: Eva Sol

Marketing & publicity: Sanne van de Kraats A coproduction with De Nieuwe Oost, School van Gaasbeek and Black Box 

Supported by Utenriksdepartementet through stikk.no